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 April 18, 2022


Our Favorite Remuddlings: From Old-House Journal's perennially favorite page: a lighthearted look at when it all goes wrong. Be prepared to laugh (and cry).


  • REMUDDLING: The Moustache House - "Eyebrow-raising design choice"
  • REMUDDLING: What a Rip-Off - "This house wears the frown-face of despair"
  • REMUDDLING: Now Stumpy and Lumpy - "We need more education in architecture"
  • REMUDDLING: Hitting a Brick Wall - "It's a house-eat-house world, Dad" 
  • REMUDDLING: Triple-Deckers Have Feelings, Too - "A literal face-off"
  • REMUDDLING: The Abominable Garage - "A guard house, with a prison attached"
  • UN-MUDDLING: A Tudor House Restored - "Love the character... maybe in a crazy way the vinyl helped preserve it"

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